The Near Future...

  • Global Warming is a real, and a serious worldwide concern

  • Fossil Fuel (especially Oil) availability is in decline

  • Cost has become prohibitive

  • There is a Worldwide demand to improve fuel economy

  • Vehicles will (must) become lighter

  • Carbon fiber composites will be (must be) the enabler

  • We will (must) maintain and improve safety

  • Carbon fiber is a renewable resource

  • We will harvest carbon fiber from our air

  • We will provide the cure for Global Warming

  • Mankind will demand the use of Carbon Fiber

  • We will quickly transition the know-how using our engineering know-how

Hiring Think Composites, LLC.

What you’ll receive 

  • We’ll be on your site, worldwide

  • When you need us, we will be there

  • On duty 24-7 for conferencing, telephone and video

  • On duty 24-7 for remote design reviews

  • There will be no financial surprises

  • There are no hidden fees

  • We will deliver that which we promise

What it will cost

  • Our hourly rates are competitive

  • Our travel and living costs are reasonable

  • The initial retainer fee is reasonable

  • We will share ownership of our intellectual property